The Starfish and the Spider is cited by the U.S. military as the foundation for a successful campaign to counter Al Qaeda. Its concepts on the distributed network organizational model have been implemented by Greenpeace, Netflix, the Tea Party, and the Obama White House. 

A journey into the hidden psychological influences that derail our decision-making, Sway changes the way we think about the way we think. This book uncovers rational explanations for a wide variety of irrational behaviors and teaches us to avoid succumbing to their pull.

Click is a psychological investigation of the forces behind what makes us click with certain people, or become fully immersed in whatever activity or situation we’re involved in. This book transforms our thinking about those moments when we are in the zone and everything seems to fall into place.

The Chaos Imperative reveals how organizations can drive growth and profits by allowing contained chaos and disruption the space to flourish, generating new ideas that trigger innovation. This book shows how disorder and flexibility leads to innovative, agile networks. 

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